Why you should move to Houston

The beautiful city of Houston is located in Texas. The city is one of the most populous with 2016 estimate rising to 2.3 million residents. Texas has always been a city to live with various positive attractions that are sufficient to entice one to live in. The most eye-catching feature of Houston is the availability of jobs. Texas appeared in Forbes list 2012-2016 and is a home to over 500 fortune companies. Houston furthermore recorded a rise in job creation by about 0.4 percent have created 13,000 jobs in a single year. Which is exactly why companies likeĀ i buy houses houston have been doing so well.

The oil and gas companies also play a major role in job creation as it accounts for about 4% of jobs. The fact that Houston recorded very low unemployment of about 4% makes it a sweet home to secure a job. Houston also has one of the largest healthcare facilities and health organization. One cannot fail to mention Texas medical center which is arguably the largest health facility in the entire world. Presence of University of Texas MD Anderson cancer center with an objective of curing many types of cancer makes it a big fish in the health sector. Houston has a significant number of foreigners making it a notably diverse city.

90 different languages are said to be spoken In Houston. Statistics show that between 2000-2010, 40% of immigrants moved to Houston escalating the number of foreigners to incredible 70% of the population. The city hosts local Americans, Asians, Latin Americans, blacks, Spanish, Anglo among others.The affordable cost of living in Houston has proved to be major bait. Houston highest paying capability with an average of 66,000 dollars facilitated affordability of housing. Most houses go for about 300,000 which is a relatively affordable price compared to housing in other cities in the US.

Houston is also a home to aviation and aerospace alongside with high tech companies. Presence of National Aeronautic and Space Administration commonly referred to as NASA has made it one of the biggest city in space technology and has also provided a platform for high-profile jobs. NASA plays a bigger role on the influence and rich culture of Houston people

Presence of recreational facilities such as Fonda recreational, tantrums, jumping sax and several museums make it a lovely home. The space center Houston, the Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, the Jung center among others provide a basis for recreational activities and also preserves the culture of the people of Houston. Furthermore, these places generate revenue to the locals and the authority. The Sam Houston Park which is one of the largest also houses the heritage and homes of early residents. The charming hearts of the people of Houston makes it an interesting place.

Houston has been categorized as one of the most caring cities with people ready to give back to society via youth and volunteer programs. These programs include Give Brighter 12 Plan and Direct Energy among others depicting the goodwill of the residents. The education levels in the city are very high and host several top universities including University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, University Of Houston and Rice University. These institutions illustrate the top levels of educations Houston has achieved. Houston has a million reasons to live and gives everyone a reason to live there and call it the best home.

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